url in safari icon

I want to ask
if i want that some icon will be available in
The touch bar when i open some url in safari
But in another url will be show different icon

I didn't really understand your question but with different conditional activation groups using

  • application is safari
  • window title contains domain

Your request should be possible.

So how can i set
Specific Url as Condition in safari

  1. Create a Conditional Activation Group by using the plus in the bottom left corner
  2. Set "All of the following are true"
  3. Set "Application name is Safari" and "Window Name contains your url domain" (Facebook, google, gmail,…). In the example the result would be shown only for this forum. If you're not sure about the window name you can show the window in the first plan next to the BTT settings and BTT will give you the window name.