[URGENT BUG] Clipboard Manager generating huge loads of data


The first bug is that I don't want to use the Clipboard Manager, but it's activated anyways. I've Macy for that. But still, it's enabled.

(I can't upload an image of my configuration because I'm new, but I just use BTT for control some gestures with my Magic Mouse, I've never put any Clipboard Manager action).

Anyways, I ended up without space in my Mac, and after investigate with Clean My Mac I've seen the folder ".BTTClipboardManager_SUPPORT" with more than 50GB (my SSD is 256GB...).

So first all, please fix the auto activation of the Clipboard manager, as I don't want it preactivated. This is causing me a lot of troubles, as I work with Excel spreadsheets, and every time I copy a huge sheet I'm generating almost 4GB...

BTT v4.604 and Sonoma 14.5

Thank you and regards.

It's not pre-activated. If it's enabled it means you have somewhere in BTT a clipboard manager action defined. If you want to override that and deactivate it you can do that here:

To free up your space you can delete the BTTClipboardManager_SUPPORT folder, BTT will recognize that automatically.

As you can see, I don't have anything activated:

And yes, I've deleted that folder, but it's still generating a new one.

I don't understand why I need to specifically disable a function that I don't even know that it exists.

Anyways, I've checked the option of disable it, and it worked. But have in count that is spending more than 3GB when you copy rows from a 1MB Excel.

If you want, go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send it to andreas@folivora.ai, then I can check why it is activated.

Send it!

From what you sent it doesn't look like the clipboard manger is active anymore, have you already tried to restart BTT? (If a clipboard manager action has been added, it will remain active until deleting the action and quitting BTT).

It also looks like the experimental icloud sync was enabled, did maybe a clipboard action from another/older setup sync to your machine? (I'd recommend to disable the experimental sync)

BTT might still setup the required database for the clipboard manager, but should not write any data to it.

Ah wait, I had another look at the other log.

The clipboard manager is active because in the past you had used it from the Apple shortcuts app at least once (either via the "Show Clipboard Manager" action or via the "Paste Previous Clipboard Items" action. Because shortcuts can't tell BTT when it is not being used anymore, it will remain active in this case.

You can disable it with this terminal command while BTT is quit:

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTClipboardManagerEnabledFromShortcuts NO

Ah didn't remember, it must be when I purchased the App the first time and I was experimenting!

Thank you!