UPDATED with VIDEO - draw characters with trackpad using index + ring finger

Hi I have been trying to migrate all of my Jitouch 2 gestures over to BTT for several years now. The one function I could never replicate in BTT was the character drawing feature using the trackpad, index+ring finger down (middle finger up).

I've been stuck on macos High Sierra and unwilling to update because jitouch is too buggy on the newer macos versions and I refuse to give up the character drawing feature because it is sooo useful.

gestures that can be activated using just 2 fingers are IMO extremely valuable and at a premium. especially 2 finger gestures that are extremely simple and easy to execute while not overlapping/interfering with other 2 finger gestures (completely unique).

All of the character shortcuts are very useful but the specific ones I cannot live without:

draw line left (resize and snap window left half)
draw line right (resize and snap window right half)
draw line up (maximize window)
draw line down (minimize window)
draw line diagonal toward TL/TR/BL/BR corners (resize and snap to quarter screen)
draw line left than right
draw line right than left

I made a short 2 min video of them in action, please watch!
Everything done in this video was with index finger + ring finger only! Zero keyboard use!
(keyboard maestro was used only to link custom macros to the characters)

If you agree with me that these line drawing shortcuts would be an amazing addition to BTT, please remember to upvote! :grin:

-Note to Developer
if you could please find a way to add this feature to BTT I would be forever grateful, I'd really like to be able to finally give up jitouch and update past High Sierra :joy:

+1 I too use jitouch religiously but have upgraded to Mojave & gave up characters. Was never really able to get Jitouch characters to work. Would love to see this.

I tried out the newest macos Catalina on a new 2020 13" macbook air. I found everything in jitouch worked except for the character gestures.

any reason you stopped at Mojave instead of going straight to Catalina?

also please remember to click the vote button at the top. I'm guessing requests with higher vote counts are more likely to get time from the developer.

Catalina supposedly has issues with a lot of different apps I use & wasn't worth the hassle of updating. I think I'll skip it altogether at this point.