unsupported app bug, close AQT bug

1.) In every unsupported app (eg reminders), the Gesture Bar and Quick Strip shows up while pressing shift, control, option or command. In supported apps, this doesn't happen (like intended).
How can I get rid of this Behavior?

2.) In some apps (eg Finder) the "close AquaTouch Button" doesn't has no function. I think the script isn't working.

I have automatically applied all AQT settings

MacBook Pro 13, macOS Catalina 10.15.3
BTT 3.346
AQT 3.5.6
System language German, (all this happens as well when switched to English)

Most likely this option is enabled for some reason:

This is it, thank you!

Any idea on the not-working close AQT-Button?

nope, maybe @yuuiko has an idea :slight_smile:

It was turned on for modifier suggestions, but it seems to still show the touchbar when no modifier triggers are active... @Andreas_Hegenberg could you make it that it only toggles the touchbar when there are modifier actions active??

As for the finder, yeah it was a bug. I fixed it in the current WiP version but I'm busy with assessments so its been delayed a little

Thank you for fixing this!

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Both issues should be fixed in the latest update!