Undo not getting back my Floating Menu

I just accidentally removed my Floating Menu and Undo didn't return it back. Any ideas why?

Here's the logs.
BetterTouchToolDebug.zip (1.8 MB)

Wow, this is so glitchy. I tried restoring from Help -> Restore Settings from Backup and it didn't help. I basically lost all my work because Undo didn't work. Is this because I'm using alpha Floating Menu implementation?

I now basically have a number of same menu items I never even created.

unfortunately backups are only created automatically before updating to a new version.
I highly recommend to a
have Apple's Time Machine (or similar) enabled, then you can easily go back to previous versions.

I need to check why undo didn't work ;-(
I'll see whether anything can be recovered from your debug export.

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I'm afraid sooner or later, it happens to everyone. Deleting something (unintentionally) is very easy, maybe too easy. What I would like to see is a warning (which can be optionally activated). "Are you sure you want to delete ... ".

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That's what the undo should be for (if you accidentally delete something, a corresponding warning message (in my experience) is just as quickly dismissed with OK). However there seems to be an issue, it appears no be necessary to hit undo like 10 times before it undos a delete operation right now. Probably because multiple invisible things happen while deleting. I'll group these now...