Typed variables (non-string) for mouse position

Since 'saved_mouse_position' variable that gets crated by a corresponding BTT action is a list of two numbers, is it possible to get it as a properly non-typed Javascript data type instead of parsing it as a string?

(tangentially related to saving and retrieving variables using javascript objects, but this is for the builtin function)

You'd need to split it yourself, e.g.

    const numbers = str.replace("{", "").replace("}", "").split(", ");
    let jsMousePos = {
        x: parseFloat(numbers[0]),
        y: parseFloat(numbers[1])

Thanks, but this is a bit backward since I'll also have to change it back to a string since I want to feed the result to a move mouse action, which afaik from Using Java Script (not JXA) ยท GitBook requires a string for mouse position
That's all for passing values within the app

that should be simple:

let mousePos = `{${yourX}, ${yourY}}`

BTT uses the system point serialization format because this is used in various places in BTT (and because this stuff was created long before BTT was scriptable :-)). Maybe in the future I can add separate x and y number variables