Two questions: OneNote sidebar hide/show? Also, can we check to see if a keyboard shortcut is already assigned to another trigger?

For other students who use OneNote in here.. latest versions on Mac has apparently taken the ability to show/hide the navigation bar via KB shortcut out. As there is no context-menu trigger either, can't seem to allow BTT to trigger this either (at least from what I know..). Currently, the only way to toggle the navigation pane is to physically click on it.. Any way to configure this via BTT?

Another question: is there a way to check whether a desired keyboard shortcut is already assigned to another trigger?

Hey I came up with way to do this using BTT. It's a little janky because you have to be using keyboard navigation to move focus between controls, but it gets the job done:

  • Add Microsoft OneNote to Keyboard Shortcuts in BetterTouchTool
  • Set up a new top level trigger (I set mine to Alt + Cmd + S, same as the Hide Sidebar shortcut for most Mac programs)
  • Set the first action to send keyboard shortcut: Ctrl +Shift + G (moves focus to the section list)
  • Then add six more additional actions, each of them set to send keyboard shortcut: Alt +Shift + Tab (moves focus to the Hide Navigation button)
  • Add another action, keyboard shortcut: Space ("clicks" Hide Navigation)
  • Add one more keyboard shortcut: Esc (moves focus back to the open page)

Also, you can't use the same trigger to show the collapsed navigation bar once it's been hidden, so if you want to open it again using the keyboard, use one of the shortcuts that moves focus to the back to something listed in the navigation bar (like Ctrl +Shift + G)

As for your other question, I use CheatSheet to check what shortcuts are already assigned