Two Named Triggers with the Same Name

How does BTT resolve a named trigger action if that name belongs to two triggers? I can go so far as to have two named triggers with the same name, in the same profile and in the same application context with two different actions:

I don't think this is a good idea, but I do need to have a setup where I have named triggers that are the same under two different application contexts. Specifically I'm working on a setup for an IDE called Rstudio. The interesting thing about Rstudio is it has a desktop version and a web version. These are virtually identical to each other except the keyboard shortcuts can be slightly different. For example:

The keyboard shortcut for Test Package in the desktop client is shift-command-T while in the web client it is ctrl-option-F7.

If I create two named triggers called Test Package - one in each application context - will the call to the named trigger resolve correctly? Specifically will the called to Test Package within the Web IDE resolve to ctrl-option-F7 while the call to Test Package in the desktop client resolve to shift-command-T? It seems to work with some small test but I wanted to confirm that I can expect this behavior.

Thanks all

Why not just name one trigger "Test Package - Web" and the other "Test Package - Desktop", since you are calling the named triggers from different application contexts...

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