Two mouse button actions?

I just downloaded BTT and I was trying to set up some mouse gestures. My mouse has many buttons, and it'd be great if these could be used in combination. That is, specifically, I'm trying to set up:

Mouse Button 3 + Left Mouse Button = Cmd+Shft+[


Mouse Button 3 + Right Mouse Button = Cmd+Shft+]

It'd also be great to use this in combination with the scroll wheel, for example:

Mouse Button 3 + Scroll Down = Volume Down

So far, I've seen that the only way I can accomplish anything even remotely similar is by using a modifier key on my keyboard, such as Ctrl+Left Mouse button, but this requires me to have my left hand on the keyboard, which I'm trying to avoid. Is there anyway to exclusively use mouse button combinations to trigger things?

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Can be done with Keyboard Maestro.

This is exactly what I need

I didn't manage to get this working with BTT or with Keyboard Maestro but I found a way!

I manage to achieve this with BTT drawing gestures (basically I just wanted to move a space left/right and it is working great, just make sure "Enable Right Mouse Down drawing recognition" is on)

I don't want Keyboard Maestro and already have BTT...

I'll have to look into this, thanks. It's less than idea though. If the trigger will work with keyboard input + mouse input, I can't fathom why it wouldn't work with two mouse inputs.

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