Two line shell script result with different font sizes - how?


I'm using a shell script to get some variables from a file. I'd like to show it in two lines with different font sizes. Is there a way to achieve that?

Currently, my script looks like this:

source path_to_file
echo "{
\"text\":\"$var1 | $var2\n$var3\",
 \"font_size\": "11"

It puts var1 | var2 on the first line and var3 on the second line as I want but with same font size.

I've tried something like this

\"text\":\"$var1 | $var2\",
 \"font_size\": "11",
 \"font_size\": "10"

but it doesn't work.

Any ideas how can I achieve two lines with different font sizes?

maybe make the script display text on a button text, so that then you can go to the button/text widget settings and change the value of the font size from there

Do you have any examples? I'm only aware of shell script / task widget button which is what I'm using now. How can I use simple BTT button with shell script which will update button text?

if you set the title/name of the shell script widget two something with 2 lines, it’ll allow you to choose the second line font size :slight_smile:

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OMG! Thank you!