Two issues with loading menus in menubar


vs 4322
mbp 16 m1max 2021
Sonoma 14.1

Bugs: (or issues .. maybe its something in my mbp that causes the problem)

  1. this is an older one: maybe more than 6 months: the notchbar does not load. I see the BTT in the menubar but it doesn't load the specific BTT menus in menubar. Sometimes it suffice to open Configuration, sometimes I need to go into preferences and uncheck and then check again the notch. This happens when it comes out of sleep. I have a Setapp subscription but the app is updated later there, so I also bought the stand alone version for fatster updating but it didn't change the behaviour. This is actually why I updated to Sonoma - hopped it will do something but it didn't - it made it worse (see the next issue)

  2. After the Sonoma update I noticed another more annoying problem: When I try to access a menu (lets say Nordvpn) it doesn't seem to be able to open it. Instead it opens another menus in the neighbourhood area (menus next to nord - Setapp, or others - menus I did not click on). Can't solve it without restarting BTT - it happens quite often (several times a day) and I can't relate it with anything (its not related to waking out of sleep).

thank you,