Turning Streamdeck off and on via BTT would turn it on, but all buttons are missing (workaround available)

I have a classic Elgato Stream Deck MK1 which is set to full BTT control mode and Elgato software is disabled. I added one full page of 14 buttons and toggles, and one group, which works fine.


  • Turn Stream Deck Off
  • Turn Stream Deck On


  • Toggle Stream Deck Off/On

will turn it off, but while turning it On (I see the background light, so it does something) the buttons won't come back and it is empty (and the buttons have no function, so it is not only dark).
I mapped those actions to keyboard keys F5, F6.

Re-Enabling the buttons is done via:

  • Starting the Stream Deck Emulator
  • Rearranging Stream Deck Triggers in BTT
  • Restarting BTT
  • Action Open a Stream Deck Group with name

Using 4.073 enabled crash logs and user stats, deleted log folder, started BTT, reproduced the error, but no logs where created.

The fastest workaround currently:
Add a Open Stream Deck Group with name and close currently open Stream Deck group. This will create a flicker, but is faster than restarting but.