Turn iPad into a true full screen Shortcut dashboard

I know that custom "Remote Actions" can already trigger Mac application shortcuts. But currently it's a tiny list, not usable in real life scenarios.

Instead, please allow a dedicated full screen space on the iPad that holds real size custom icons. Each icon would trigger a Mac shortcut. This would turn your app into a true shortcut dashboard.

Usage example: designers, CGI artists work with multiple complex apps and dozens of shortcuts. Really hard to remember them. Icons on the iPad should be the way to trigger them, not "CTRL+SHIFT+X+R". My proposal would persuade every designer / CGI artist to use your app, and quite frankly everyone would welcome this (Excel, music apps etc)

NOTE: each Mac app should have it's dedicated shortcut dashboard. So when we are in Photoshop, we only see the Photoshop icons, when we are in Zbrush, we see only the Zbrush icons etc. Icon graphics should be user customisable.


Or if you’d like even more customisation, allow you to take over the whole screen with a HTML menus. That way there are literally no limitations!

You could lay them out however you want, etc, erc.

Yes this is planned, but the big overhaul of BTT Remote will only happen spring next year.

You could already do this by using the integrated webserver if you want. It's relatively easy to build websites that can trigger any function in BTT when opened in your local network: