True Tone toggle in BTT

Hi, is it possible to add a True Tone toggle in BTT system actions?


Wanting this feature as well, would be very useful when using apps like photoshop etc..


yes, I think I have figured out how to do it and will add it to the next version of BTT.

This pre-alpha now has a true tone toggle:

Will be available in a public build in a few days.

Thanks for adding it @Andreas_Hegenberg

I'm testing it out in the latest Alpha 2.547 and OS 10.13.6

It doesn't seem to be working, monitoring the mac's True Tone checkbox in 'Displays' in System Pref. while toggling the BTT True Tone button doesn't do anything. I've check my permissions, everything seems to be ok. Any ideas to try?

Is it possible to add a separate On and Off for TrueTone?

It won't toggle the checkbox but you should see your display change :wink:

Ohh ok, but still, I don't notice any change in warmth. When I uncheck the OSX box, there is a very noticeable change (in my current light).

Anyone else able to test?

Ahh sorry, I accidentally only activated it for Mojave :smiley:
Next build will allow it on 10.13 too.

:laughing: No worries, thanks for checking it out, and adding it so fast.

the latest alpha should also do it on High Sierra :slight_smile:

I'll add a on off option to the public release soon.

Works super well! Reflects changes in the osx True Tone checkbox too :grinning:


I am excited about this feature, but my alternative icon doesnt seem to work... It only shows one type of icon in the touch bar, no matter what I have it se to.. it would really be useful to know if the true tone is on or off, as I do alot of Photoshop work and would like to know if the feature is turned on or off. Also, is it possible to disable it for individual programs?

Thanks, keep up the good work.

yeah would be great if the alternative icon switches when toggled on/off!

Hi, I posted a workaround in another thread (no one seemed to care in that thread) :frowning:

I requires some understanding on how to set it up on your part, let me know if you get stuck somewhere. Basically the idea is to write 1 or 0 to a text file that is updated each time you hit the button, it then reads the text file and responds. My TT toggle displays if it is on or off now.


I've come up with some sort of a workaround for visually displaying the true tone status after changing it in the background with native BTT toggle, which doesn't require opening any windows.

It requires a bit of user understanding/maintenance, but basically on press the true tone value changes in the BG, and additional action writes a file, basically 1 or 0, then the additional action updates the widget which reads the files value and returns the value changing the state of the button.

As you can see it's a big work around since the value is not connected to the actual true tone value at all; its just a toggle between 1 and 0. So the value could get out of synch and the user would have to manually toggle true tone themselves to get back in synch (not an issue if you only use BTT to toggle true tone).

I got everything I needed from this stackexchange example on how to do a toggle:

set newTestParameter to "YES"
    set oldTestParameter to do shell script "defaults read com.myCo.myApp myParamSet"
    if oldTestParameter is in {"1", "YES"} then
        set newTestParameter to "NO"
    end if
end try
do shell script "defaults write com.myCo.myApp myParamSet " & newTestParameter

--your actual code, dependant on above switch
if newTestParameter is in {"1", "YES"} then
    say "Yes"
    -- run thisCode
    say "No"
    -- run thatCode
end if

I'm using a widget to run apple script and show return value, with the frequency at 0, so just using the additional action to update the state of the widget on press.

And I can still use a long press action on the button too; since it seems like BTT doesn't run the additional action attached to a widget on a long press :slight_smile:

hopefully these will help:

Main (first order) action:

Secondary attached action (the actual writing to file):