Trouble with virtualbox and swipes

I have just downloaded and trying out BTT, what I would like to do is the following:

  • map two finger swipe left/right to CTRL-[ ] in virtualbox windows (so that I can use swipe left/right for firefox inside virtualbox too)

I cannot seem to do it at all, regardless of what I set (just virtualbox or global, also disabled all two finger gestures in mac preferences), in virtualbox windows if I two finger swipe left/right I get a large amount of mouse button 6/7 events (which I guess are the scroll left/right events)

Note that configuring triple finger click for middle mouse button works just fine, so it is not a case of virtualbox completely bypassing BTT, but I am not able to override the two finger swipes: has anybody else tried this?

Two finger swipes are probably problematic because they translate to scroll events and I assume Virtualbox captures them before BTT. Not sure if this can be fixed but I'll have a look.

thanks for the quick reply! what I am trying to do is fairly niche I guess (linux in virtualbox on mac) but if it could work it'd be awesome. Either way I will be buying BTT as the middle button on triple click is basically mandatory for me...