Trouble Performing Context Menu Actions with Shortcuts in Ableton

Hi, I'm looking to automate many of the clicks I have to do in Ableton using BTT, especially through context menus. After struggling I looked around in these forums and it seems that the context menu is a different one than the default MacOS context menu, so BTT can't interact with it. So I then decided to write a command that would right click and then use the "find text on screen and move mouse" action to move the mouse there and click it, but that action doesn't seem to work at all, even in other apps and on other words it never moves my mouse when triggered.

I'm on 2021 M1 Mac with Ventura,

My action Setup looks like this:
Alt + B causes actions Right Click, then "Find Text on Screen and Move Mouse" looking for the text "Search in Browser" and then doing "Left Click without Modifier Keys"

Any help would be appreciated

Probably adding a small delay after the right click will improve the workflow.

You can also try:

1- right click
2- delay 0.10 seconds
3- type custom text "Show in browser
" (including return at the end)

In the case that "Show in browser" is an option available inside the menu of the menu bar of Live, I would suggest the action "click menu bar item"

Does your BTT have screen recording permissions?
(The action needs to search text on your screen and to do this, needs to capture it)

This action is very new, possibly I missed something!

However maybe @jordikt's solution is more performant anyways

I use a different way to get to the Ableton context menu, (see screen).
In this example I set the track color in Ableton (with a keyboard shortcut Fn1 or with my Stream-Deck controller)

as you can see, it uses the BTT mouse action Crtl-Click, (this brings up the Context Menu), followed by keyboard cursor up or downs and return/enter actions ect. to select the 'right' context menu item.

The 'only' issue with this method is that the mouse cursor need to be at the 'right' position (somewhere over the track at the right side) before the Fn1 is invoked. This is more or less controlled with the BTT advanded conditions where the mouse position can be defined.

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Yes, BTT has the permissions :slight_smile:

I just tried out adding this delay and it works! Thank you !!

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