Trouble importing presets

Describe the bug

Attempting to import presets from and getting the same error: "Sorry, the preset couldn't be imported as it seems to be in the wrong format."

Have already filed an issue with the repo owner and they have confirmed that the issue is not in the presets.

Affected input device (e.g. MacBook Trackpad, Magic Mouse/Trackpad, Touch Bar, etc.):

Macbook Pro Touch Bar

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MBP 15" 2018
  • macOS version: 10.13.6 High Sierra
  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.536 (871)

Additional information (e.g. StackTraces, related issues, screenshots, workarounds, etc.):

Same issue both when I double-click on files with the .bttpreset and when I follow the recommended workflow of manually importing .json files from the repo.

vas3k v2.bttpreset (837.7 KB)
podkovyr_btt.json (740.5 KB)

Could you attach the preset you downloaded here? Possibly something went wrong with the download.

sure, those are now in OP

These are HTML files, not JSON.
If you are downloading from Github you need to make sure to click the "Raw" option. You can not just save the page that displays the preset.

I have the same problem and need some help!