Triggers do not work until I open the App Window

If I restart my Mac, I notice that most of the time my triggers don't work until I open the actual configuration app. I do not use BTT for many things but I do find this annoying. I use BTT now for hyperkey. I found today that it would not work until I opened BTT and actually went into the keystrokes view.

Does this happen to anyone else? I lived with this on my old Intel MacBook. But now I have an M2 Studio and I thought this behavior would have stopped.

So I guess that I am the only person that has this happen to them...

which version of Btt are you running?

I am having the same issue on BTT 4.299 and 4.2998 with the Move/Resize Action.

It only triggers and resizes the window if I have BTT Configuration window open.

Make sure all the required permissions are given in System Settings => Privacy & Security - especially the Accessibility permission.

Possibly try to remove BTT from the list in Accessibility, and add it again manually.
If that doesn't help, try to restart your machine.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for looking into this! I just tried removing then re-adding BTT Accessibility permission then restarting my Macbook.

Still the same issue, Move/Resize active Window only works when BTT Configuration is open.

I am on Sonoma 14.1 which was just released yesterday if it makes a difference.

14.1 in general works fine, I have also already updated.

Possibly you have accidentally disabled BTT for other apps?
You can check by clicking through the items in the left sidebar to see whether any of the disable checkboxes are active:

Thank you so much for your help. I checked the disable checkboxes and nothing was there.

I finally fixed it though, by adding a "Activate Previous App" action before the "Move/Resize" action.

I am displaying a Custom Context Menu triggered by clicking the notch, it worked fine previously with just the "Move/Resize" action but something must have changed either in Sonoma or BTT causing that the window active before showing the Custom Context Menu does not become re-activated after selecting an item from the Custom Context Menu so the "Move/Resize" which is set to act the Active Aindow was no longer working.

Adding a "Activate Previous App" action first makes it work again for me!