Triggering context menu items has stopped working

Hey, Andreas!

Just found out that triggering context menu items with BTT has stopped working for me. It only opens the context menu and doesn't trigger anything even on the root level.
(In OneNote, for instance, I have a shortcut that would "Save as", it used to work, now it just opens the menu and does nothing.)
I'm not sure since when it has been this way, haven't used the shortcut recently.

I'm on:
M1 Max, Sonoma 14.2
BTT 4.322(43220)

Hope you could look into it. Thanks!

Just created a shortcut to simply trigger "Open" in Finder — doesn't seem to work either. Only opens the menu.

Oh, and I'm sorry to post it here, but doesn't seem to deserve another topic. I've just updated to the latest Alpha, and noticed that the rendering of mouse drawings/gestures has changed. The line seems much smoother now, anti-aliased, although I cannot say I'm all down about the cross at the starting position.

Are you reworking the way it displays and this is by design, or am I imagining things?

Also, could you maybe, just maybe, say if we could look forward to changes in the gesture recognition engine in some future?

Thanks so much for your work!

Thanks for reporting, I think the context menu issue has been fixed in 4.323 alpha (uploading now).

I'm currently working a bit on the drawing gestures - especially added a way to easily draw them using the trackpad with three / four / five finger moves. I slightly modified the rendering code, maybe that's causing it to be a bit more smooth - not intentionally though.

The cross is not just a visual thing, it should improve the recognition of straight lines. (It's a workaround for a limitation of the used algorithm). With the new alpha it should now appear at the same position as the dot.

Dear Andreas!

The menu triggering works perfectly now! Thank you so much!

And, by the time I'm reading this, the alpha is already 4.325, not 323 as you promised.
I am just amazed by the speed of your operation.

A shame the same cannot be said about a certain Logitech International S.A., but then again, they are a one man band unlike you guys.
Oh well, at least you earn more then they do (ahahrofl (( )

Oh, and the gesture recognition.

I've only played with it for a couple of minutes to this moment, and I'm talking primarily about the recognition of straight line gestures, that seem to be the tough point for the algorithm you use, but I do think that the rate of misfires has dropped significantly. Fifteen minutes in — I'm already much more confident using them (oi, that sounded like a blue pill ad).

It's not perfect yet (I'm moving from Windows' StrokesPlus, a solo project as well), but it does seem much better now.

One more thought on this. Cancelling a gesture. I would sometimes start a gesture, but decide not to halfway through, still holding down the button. I would then yank the mouse around, drawing some random squiggle, but BTT would often still recognize it and pull out some surprise.

Still, again, a significant improvement. And thank you so much for your work!

In the latest alpha I have added an option to cancel the recognition if the mouse is outside of the defined drawing area, maybe this can help in your case. Also you can press escape or space to cancel the recognition