Trigger Snap Area for multiple applications and work places

Is it possible to set up a gesture that will use multiple custom Snap Areas?

For example, at home I have 3 monitors. My 3rd Monitor (1820x1080) is set Vertically to the right of a 4k monitor, with a Laptop below the 4k monitor.

I have a custom trigger area to snap Outlook to the Top of the Vertical Monitor, and a Trigger area to snap Teams to the bottom of the vertical monitor.

I creating a Gesture [SHIFT+3 Finger Double Tap] to Trigger Snap Area

  1. Activate Specific Window (outlook)
  2. Trigger Snap Area (1)
  3. Activate Specific Window (teams)
  4. Trigger Snap Area (2)

When running this, only 3-4 work Teams snaps to custom area. ignoring 1-2.
Swapping the pair is the same only 3-4 works with Outlook Snapping to its custom area

Perhaps I am just missing a command?

Also, I understand that my at work Monitor will be recognized separately, which is good. However, I do not have the Vertical 3rd monitor there. So in this case, Window snapping Outlook and Teams would use the MacBook instead. I'm sure this posses a problem if using the same Gesture. If so I'd just change the SHIFT to OPTION.

Hopefully there is a command I am missing.

I think you might just need to add some small delays between the actions (0.2 sec should be enough)

I tried Delay next Action (blocking and Non-blocking) .2 and .5 second.
I put it as step 3, but also step 2 and 4.
I swapped the Teams pair and outlook pair, and again only the second Pair works.

small update.
While at work I tested the Action even though i don't have the/a 3rd monitor to see what would happen.

The second set (teams right now) resizes and moves teams almost completely off screen.