Trigger only works 70% of the time

As a newbie, I've written what to me is a very basic trigger that is designed to delete the text message below the mouse, when a 3-finger tap takes place, while in Apple Messages. The trigger works about 70% of the time. When it fails, the trigger gets all the way to the point of bringing up the confirmation window, moving the mouse to the correct location, but it doesn't left click on the "Confirm" button. If I remove the Delay actions, it doesn't work at all.

Please help me understand why it's not working 100% of the time. Also, if there's a better/easier way to create this trigger, please let me know, as I'm very much still learning to use BTT.


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@Andreas_Hegenberg, any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on this one? I posted it a few weeks ago, and no one has responded.

automating such stuff via mouse movements clicks & delays is unfortunately not very reliable.
A better way could be to trigger the corresponding menubar item followed by a return key (at least on macOS Ventura return confirms the delete):

You might need to enable keyboard control in System Settings => Keyboard

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Thanks! Where would you suggest that I go to learn more about the various options in BTT, and how best to use them. Many of the triggers/scripts that I've seen are pretty complicated, and I don't always follow what they're doing.


Is there an easier way to confirm the Delete button (in macOS Monterey) than using a mouse action to move the pointer to it, and having it activate a left click? (Sorry, I'm still trying to learn all of the functionality of BTT)

checkout the screenshot above :slight_smile: using the trigger menubar menu item action

I'm sorry. I checked out both screenshots above, and I don't understand how I'd use the "menubar menu item" to select "Delete" on this window. The instructions in the "menubar menu item" mention menu options, but I don't see any options. When I enter "Delete" as the button option, the trigger doesn't work. I'm sure that I'm doing something incorrect.

First activate the "Keyboard activation" so that you can navigate with the keyboard
Then trigger Menubar-Item: Conversation, Conversation-Delete...
In the "Would you like to delete this conversation?" you have to jump to the delete button via a tab.
then enter to execute.

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Ah, yes! I now understand what you're suggesting that I do! Thank you!

I've enabled the "Keyboard activation", and added the Tab action, which didn't work until I also added a delay. But, I can't get the "Enter" key action to work, even with an added delay. Is it normal to have to add delays?

@SLE or @Andreas_Hegenberg

Are either of you able to advise me on this:

I've enabled the "Keyboard activation", and added the Tab action, which didn't work until I also added a delay. But, I can't get the "Enter" key action to work, even with an added delay. Is it normal to have to add delays?


Did you enable "Keyboard Navigation" in System Settings?
It's also possible that on macOS versions before Ventura, the OK and cancel button were the other way around, then enter wouldn't work

Hi Andreas. Yes, I enabled "Keyboard Navigation" (thanks for showing that to me, as I've been a Mac user for decades, and had never known about that option.)

Wow, you're correct ... the OK & Cancel buttons have switched locations in Ventura, so perhaps the Tab isn't needed.

Any ideas on why the action doesn't work without the delays? Is that usually necessary?


It works without delays here, but this is up to the app that receives the commands. I don't know why, but it could be that your messages app takes a little more time than mine to process the commands - maybe because you have more messages in it than I do.

I do have a lot of messages. The problem that I was initially experiencing still remains, Messages isn't receiving the "return" key action.

When I run the action, the Delete conversation screen appears with Cancel as the default, Tab is sent and the option is now "Delete". Per the action, a "return" should be sent, but nothing happens.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, on my Ventura Mac Studio, the action works 100% as expected. However, on my Monterey MacBook Pro, Messages isn't receiving the "enter" (return) key. Any thoughts on why, and how to resolve it?


@Andreas_Hegenberg, after playing around a bit, as mentioned above, BTT is able to send a "return" to Messages in MacOS Ventura and have the action receive and execute based it. However, in Messages in Monterey, when BTT sends a "return" (or when I manually press the return key) it is not received, and therefore not executed.


Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.03.46