Trigger on Change to Visible Window List?

Hi again,

I was wondering if there was a way to use the appearance of a specific window as a trigger.

Using the Visible Windows Viewer in advanced conditions, I can see the name of a specific UI window. When it pops up, I'd like to use it as the trigger.

It's connected to an App daemon, so I can't trigger it by App name, I think? The window also doesn't seem to be focusable. Either way, it's only when the window shows that I want to activate an action.

When a window becomes visible, does it make any notification to the system that could be used as a Trigger?

(The window is not clickable or focusable, but I can use BTT to move the UI window around the desktop with a manual trigger. I am just wanting to make it more automatic, so that it makes the move as soon as the window appears.)

I don't think there is a reliable notification for this and constantly polling would cause performance issues.

Do you want to trigger an action at the moment the window becomes visible, or do you want to trigger an action only if the window is visible (but not at the moment it becomes visible)?

I see what you mean. In a perfect world, it would grab the window at the moment it popped up. I understand why that is probably not possible. I guess I was hoping there was a notification scheme like NSWorkspace for visible windows.

I was able to create something almost good enough, with a repeating trigger. It's not instant, but it's better than manually responding every time the window pops up.

My CPU looks fine when it's on, for now.