Trigger floating menu items with a keyboard input

Is it possible to create a floating menu item that can be triggered with a keyboard input?

For some context, I'm hoping to create a floating menu that will show when holding certain modifier keys (or maybe toggle, since the keyboard input might need a modifier key), which I can then trigger using a keyboard input.

Open floating menu using ctrl + opt + cmd, then trigger item 1 in the list by pressing the 1 key (second item using 2, etc.)
I'd like to use it as a quick way to open a new google doc, so open "" in a new browser tab as the action.

Thanks in advance

This is an excellent question. I have the same feature request, can this please be implemented?

I think that's under construction. If you don't want to or can't wait, I can think of two terrible workarounds.

  1. if the menu is always in the same place, you can click on the menu item with a shortcut.

  2. if not, you could for example put a unique icon in the menu name and search for it with the image recognition.

But ... don't do either :wink:

These are some crazy workarounds :slight_smile:

I imagine the feature this way:

  1. You open floating menu with a trigger.
  2. And now you can press 1-9 (or mapped) keys to activate menu's items.

This would allow for quick menu navigation and activation.

Yes, that's exactly what you could do with the "crazy workarounds".

the „official“ way is to use a conditional activation group that is only true if the menu is either currently hovered

hovered_floating_menu_identifier == "thenameofyourmenu"

Or is only active if the menu is currently visible

visible_floating_menu_identifiers CONTAINS "thenameofyourmenu"

Then you can use any trigger (including keyboard shortcuts) combined with the predefined action "Execute Actions For Configured Trigger". A floating menu item is also a configured trigger, thus will execute it's actions when called like this

(or use named triggers or directly assign the action you want to execute)

When was this introduced? I had no idea :joy:

good question, I think it has been there for at least a few month. However I might have missed to add this approach to the floating menu docs

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