Trigger event when app is launched

I would love to see "on app launch" as a trigger for BTT actions. Even a "when new window is opened (in an already running app)" trigger, as well.

Example use cases:

  • when Notion launches, maximize window
  • when app ACME launches, go into do not disturb mode
  • when new finder window is opened, snap to right half of screen

Could be combined with an "on app quit" trigger. I can imagine plenty of use cases for that option, but don't have an immediate need for it, personally.

Described by @sanfm12 here:

Re-posting here for tracking the progress and implementation.

In the meantime, a workaround is to create a workflow that first opens the app and then does the desired triggers. Then, instead of opening the app normally, the user can trigger the workflow via keyboard shortcut, touchbar, or any other currently supported trigger types.

The benefit of a native trigger (instead of this workaround) is that a user can open apps in a way they prefer/are familiar, e.g.,spotlight, alfred, dock, terminal, etc.