"Trigger Context Menu Item" on dock context menu?

Hi everyone, I'm new to BTT and was hoping some kind soul on these forums could help me out. I did spend quite some time searching these forums and reading BTT docs, but couldn't find anything that specifically addresses my problem. Apologies if I missed something blindingly obvious.

I am trying to use a 3-finger click on the dock to open a new window in Finder/Safari/Terminal (instead of bringing up the existing window).

I set up a "Three Finger Click" trigger, and under "Advanced", in the "Trigger Conditions" drop-down I selected "Trigger while mouse over Dock" .

Then I assigned the "Trigger Context Menu" action with the following value in the "command path":

New Window||New Finder Window

But when I do a 3-finger click on any of these dock icons (Finder, Safari, or Terminal), it just opens the dock context menu, but it does not execute the "New Window" action from it (or "New Finder Window" as the case may be).

I also tried putting just "New Window" in the command path, and 3-finger clicking on the Terminal icon in the dock, where the menu option is named "New Window", but it still didn't work.

What am I doing wrong?

In case it matters, I'm using BTT 3.741 on Monterey 12.2.1.


I did verify that "Trigger Context Menu Item" works fine on context menus inside apps, just not on the dock context menu.

Has nobody ever tried to use context menu actions on the dock? Am I really the only one?

I can confirm that the "Trigger Context Menu" action in the Dock does not work.