Trigger a mouse click on popup window button following "Trigger Menubar Menu-Item"

I can't figure out how to have BTT click a button on a popup window after a prior action. In Microsoft Word I often need to insert footnotes. The version of Word that I have requires requires me to click on "Insert," then "Footnote ...," which pops up a window with various options that I never need to mess with. At the bottom of the popup window are buttons for "Insert" and "Cancel," with "Insert" as the active button. I figured out how to have BTT "click" "Insert" and "Footnote..." by using the "Trigger Menubar Menu-Item" process. I can't figure out how to get BTT to then automatically "click" the "Insert" button on the popup. Can anyone help me, please?

Thank you.

Never mind. I used "Send Keyboard Shortcut" to press "return" on the keyboard, which completed the task I wanted.