Trigger a different action upon subsequent press of keyboard shortcut?

Is it possible to trigger a different action upon subsequent press of keyboard shortcut?

Here's my specific use case:

I have a keyboard shortcut that maximizes the current window on the screen it's on. It would be amazing if when I pressed the keyboard shortcut again, I could instead trigger the "maximize to the next screen" action. This way I could cycle through all of my screens with the same keyboard shortcut.

If this isn't possible, consider it a feature request! Obviously, there would have to be a timeout in between presses. And no other interactions could happen between each press of the keyboard shortcut or it would reset.

I hope this makes sense! I would be happy to provide more details. Thanks!

you can use the "cycle between actions" action

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Amazing! I had no idea. Many thanks!

As I'm trying to work with this, I'm finding an unexpected behavior:

Let's say I'm cycling through 6 actions. I'll start with the first, then the second, then the third, and then I stop and do something else for a while. When I trigger it again, it picks up on where I left off, on the fourth action.

This was unexpected. Not a bug... probably working as intended. But how can I get the cycle to restart from the beginning... maybe after a certain amount of elapsed time or when it recognizes that I've stopped cycling through the actions?

I hope that makes sense. Happy to provide more details!

That's currently not possible with that action, but I think it's a good idea to add.
For now you could use Apple Script to implement the cycling, similar to this: Touchbar/keyboard shortcut to Cycle a window through Quarter Snaps - #2 by Andreas_Hegenberg (then you have full control over the behavior)

Ok. Consider it a feature request.

Many thanks for your prompt response!

Hi again... any plan to add this feature to the roadmap?

And thanks for the Applescript method... it's a little too much for me, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for an official implementation!

Yes this is on my TODO list. Will be added sometime soon.

Yes! I'll keep my eyes open for future updates!

Just checking in. Any progress on this one? Thanks!