Trial user - many bugs - apps don't fully open

Just started using the trial version, and I thought all was ok. Today though, when I press an icon for one of the open apps, the app appears in the menu bar but does not open or come into view.

this might be nothing to do with BTT; you might just need to open a new window for that app by going to File and pressing 'Open New Window'

Thanks for the response. So, I thought that by clicking on the app icon, it opens it, even if closed, no? Not only must it be opened, but there must be more than one window within the app opened?

im not actually sure, but as an example, do this:

  • go to finder
  • close all the windows
    now its just a blank screen, so you need to go to file and press command n

Sorry, I'm not sure I get what the point is. Again, sorry.

don't worry, maybe im wrong :slight_smile: