Transmission Torrent Status in BetterTouchTool

Im not big on Torrent downloading, but saw a Mockup of this the other day, and figured I would try to make it a reality. This tool brings Remote Transmission Torrent Status (Transmission can run on another PC) to your TouchBar (my Transmission App is running on a desktop computer downstairs). Still working on some error handling...

From right to left:
Alows Uploading (Touch Upload and a finder window opens for you to select the torrent), Pause All, Starting All Torrents.
Displays 2 active downloads stats with a Total active button (button on the right with the 3), and the Bandwidth "Speed-Limit" buttons.
When you tap the text area or Total Active button, it opens to the Transmission Web View in a floating window.

3 Active Torrents:

No Active Torrents:

UPDATED UI (Upload, Stop specific, #Seeding, Speed Limits):

Now if we had a way to display more then two lines of text. Vertical scrolling would be very nice for a lot of tools (ie. News, RSS, any lists).

Hi, this looks really cool! Did you ever get it to a releasable point? :wink:

I use it a lot, but cannot release it due to the amount of customization required with the code.

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This is my suggestion to you, try to implement a down arrow button, as you press you change the line or lines of the torrents being downloaded.

Hope you can share some day.

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very good idea, was thinking about using a swipe on trackpad.