Translucency for TouchBar Colours

Simply that, I'd like BTT to be able to support the Alpha channel for TouchBar Presets, just for aesthetic reasons.

As a stretch, it would be great if a new group: an 'overlay' group could be made. Instead of replacing the previously-opened group, it dims that group and overlays it. That would be great for touchbar popup menus like my recent iTunes widget improvements:

(i had to duplicate and dim the entire group to achieve that effect, it still isn't completeley to my idea but its ok right now)

Specialised Options:

Sorry, unfortunately dimming doesn't work with the current implementation and would add so much complexity - it's not feasible. Maybe if Apple at some point provides a real API for Touch Bar customization :slight_smile: (unlikely haha)

I should be add the alpha channel though.

Oh, thats alright then.

I guess very similar results can be made with long translucent strips over the whole thing, paired with painstaking absolute alignments anyway.

I see a problem though, there isn’t a way to adjust the z-height (overlay order) of the buttons. Maybe you could make it that if the background is translucent it renders over the buttons.

Example: trying to have a translucent button at the start of the list and pulling all buttons behind it using negative “free space after button” pulls them in front of it