Transfer BST preferences & snap areas to new Mac

I copied the folder/files as specified here: Moving BetterSnapTool settings to a new computer - #2 by Andreas_Hegenberg

But after doing so, BST does not carry over any of the preferences/snap areas that were set on the previous Mac. I deleted the original folder/file in Application Support and Preferences. I then copied over the folder/file from my old mac.

Is it possibly to copy everything over, including snap areas?

I also have the same issue. In my case only the snap areas copy over but nothing else. All settings are left as default and keyboard shortcuts do not copy over.

Tried copying, logging out, logging back in to see if all settings copy over.
Also tried restarting computer to see if settings copy over, but no success so far.

Tried the above on M2 Mac Mini and M1 Max Mac Studio.

Resolved the problem thanks to @Andreas_Hegenberg.

If BetterSnapTool (BST) is not quit, the .plist file will keep being overwritten by whatever is in system memory.

I successfully transferred all my settings over doing the below (MacOS 13):

  1. Quit BST using the drop down from the menu bar.
  2. Make sure that BST is removed from the "Open at Login" list inside System Settings->General->Login Items->Open at Login
  3. Restart Mac.
  4. Copy over com.hegenberg.BetterSnapTool.plist file in /Users/[your_user_name]/Library/Preferences.
  5. Open BST to check if settings and shortcuts are transferred over.

If you want BST to start at login you can do that by unticking and re-ticking the below:

I just tried again following these exact steps, and none of the settings/snap areas transferred over.

I am going from a 2019 MBP (Intel i9) running 13.2.1 to 2021 MBP (M1 Pro) running 13.3.1.

It would help if I connected my Mac to my external monitors where the snap areas are setup....

This is resolved.

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