Trackpad speed modifier and Window snapping

Is it possible to combine these two?
For example, I use touchpa and the following combos

  • :globe_with_meridians: to move a window
  • :globe_with_meridians: to resize a window

But then I'd like to be able to add in the mix in those rare cases I need a bit more precision and decrease the movement speed
I see there is an option to decrease the speed with a modifier, but then if you press other modifiers it stops working, so I'd need it to be conditioned on the combos listed above?

Unfortunately that is currently hard to achieve. Maybe it could somehow be done with key sequences, but it would need a not trivial setup.

Maybe another suitable solution would be to assign the toggle mouse speed action to a force click? That way you could adjust the mouse speed while moving windows by pressing hard on the trackpad.

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