Trackpad gestures break single tap/click on latest mac OS

I have BetterTouchTool configured to trigger a middle-click action after either a three-finger tap or a three-finger click on my trackpad. After updating my 2021 14" M1 MacBook Pro to macOS Ventura 13.2.1, these gestures began to interfere with normal operation of single-finger clicks and taps. Approximately 1/10 to 1/5 single finger clicks or taps are ignored, which is obviously extremely disruptive during normal trackpad use.

Deleting the three-finger tap and click gestures fixes the single tap/click behaviour, as does quitting or uninstalling BetterTouchTool.

I tried several releases of BTT from the latest, btt4.024-2241, all the way back to btt3.698-1833 from last January, and all exhibited the same issue. This seems to indicate that the bug has resulted from a change in macOS.

I see the same behaviour using my MacBook's built-in trackpad and a Magic TrackPad 2 connected by Bluetooth.

That's usually some conflict with another mouse or keyboard related app or it can happen if there is very high CPU usage. I don't think it's related to the 13.2.1 update.

Have you already tried to restart your machine?

Hey Andreas, thanks for the reply.

Interesting. I still see the same issue after a fresh restart, and activity monitor reports my cpu usage as between 2-9%. I don't believe I have any other mouse/keyboard input apps running (I do have TextExpander installed but killed it to test).

I also noticed that the behaviour isn't specific to the three-finger triggers-- it starts happening as soon as I add a trackpad gesture, so long as the "gesture is enabled" box is checked.

That's what I'd expect because as soon a gesture is added BTT installs the event listeners.
If multiple apps have such event listeners that can sometimes cause issues (although this has improved a lot with recent macOS versions). TextExpander has been problematic in the past, but I think it works ok with BTT now.

I'll keep monitoring this. So far I haven't observed any changed behavior on 13.2.1 . If you can think of any recently installed app / update (apart from macOS), I'd try to quit that and see.

In case you have the BTT process priority helper tool installed, I'd also recommend to uninstall that - on Ventura that is not needed anymore.

Thanks, I'll let you know if I think of or notice anything else that could explain this.