Trackpad gesture > keypad keyboard shortcut (Moom)

I have custom actions set up in Moom (window manager) that have keyboard shortcuts assigned using keypad numbers (plus one or more modifiers). I am trying to set up swipe gestures in BTT to use "Send Keyboard Shortcut" actions to call those Moom commands, but am having no luck. BTT seems to recognize the shortcut:


But the gesture--in this case a 3-finger swipe--doesn't work.

I know I can use BTT to move windows around, but, (as others have commented in other posts I found when looking into this issue), I'd like to keep window management to one tools if at all possible.

I realize this might be an issue with Moom, but should BTT be able to send shortcuts that use keypad keys w. modifiers?

Thanks for any insight you can share.