Trackpad Corner Triggered accidentally


I'm a user (and a big fan) of BetterTouchTools for several years now and never encountered any issue until recently...

I trigger by accident several time a day an action (launch iTerm, activate AltTab) through corner tap trigger on trackpad, something that didn't happen before I bought a MacBook Pro M2.

It seems the area for these trigger are a bit to large on that device and so I end up triggering them accidentally.

Is there an option to define the actual surface consisting of a corner and, if not, wouldn't be nice to have one ?

you can use the advanced trigger conditions of your existing corner click to further limit the allowed area (there are a few relevant variables available). I‘m not on my computer until Monday, if you can’t find it I can post a screenshot then.

Thank you. I found the setting.

I also checked the option to double tap to trigger the action, just to be sure.