Trackpad: 1 finger double tap?

I wonder, if I can use a

  1. 1 finger double tap as a trigger?
  2. 1 finger double tap & hold? (1x tap fast + 1x tap+hold)
  3. 1 finger tripple tap as a trigger?

And if yes, can they be assigned to left/ middle/ right/ up/ down areas?

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Yes, I hard-core second this request!!! Looks like there's been a few posts/requests for this feature in the past, as well. Would love to make it happen!

@Andreas_Hegenberg - is there a way to do this by incorporating "Advanced Trigger Conditions"?


As far as I know, you can use the 1 finger tap gestures and select “double tap required” in the settings.

:exploding_head: :star_struck: so cool! thanks for pointing this out!

Hoping there’s a way to create more variations of the 1 finger tap like OP mentioned :cowboy_hat_face:

I added single finger tap and single finger double tap gestures in v4.613 alpha
Make sure to have tap to click disabled in system settings => trackpad if you plan to use these.

@Andreas_Hegenberg The new toolbar is cool :grinning:

I tried out the new 1 finger gestures. Double tap works well. Single tap not at all.

Should BTT wait a certain (default) time after the single tap gesture to recognize if a second tap follows? Or how does that work?

yes, it waits a moment before triggering . The mouse cursor must not move during the touch. I’ll have a look!