Touchpad Gestures on Titlebar?

Hello, I'd like BTT to perform a certain action, but only when I perform a trigger on the title bar only (for example swipe up, double tap, etc).

Is that possible?

I see options for Notch, dock and menu bar - but not title bar!


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I second this.

One of the big reasons I found it hard to give up Hyperdock was the option to swipe (touchpad) or scroll (mouse) upwards or downwards to maximize a window, or to restore its original size.

Another user also suggested two finger swipe on title bar to move window to next or previous space, which is also a really cool idea.

My current workaround is to hold command and scroll up/down with the mousewheel on the dock while the active window is selected, but this is way less intuitive than being able to do it on the title bar.

Please permit titlebars as a "zone" for trigger activation.

You could create a advanced trigger condition to say a gesture works only in the top 10 percent of a window :

percent_y_hovered_win_btm_left >= 90

(alternatively you can also use absolute values with e.g. dist_y_active_win_top_left >= -50)

(I think that's probably a good enough heuristic, as nowadays a titlebar in macOS isn't a standard element anymore - titlebars can look and behave differently. If you want to do even better matching you can use the hovered_element_details variable, but that would probably require some fiddling)

Thank you @Andreas_Hegenberg for your response! I agree with you. Titlebars aren't really uniform. The greater or equal to 90% of the top is a perfect workaround.

This is brilliant! I just tested it on v3.940 and it's working perfectly.

BTT + BST + DockView are my perfect replacement for the abandoned HyperDock!