TouchBar Widget fixed-width and Mono space font

Hi guys!

First thanks for this amazing tool, it make my days more productive and fun to play with my Mac.

Is there any way to set the width of a button ? I did a button displaying the autor and sond name alternately while listening Google Music, but my button keep changing width :(. I made a padding function in my applescript so the text width is always 50 char lenght, but even when I select Mono Spacing font in the settings, it look like the total pixel width is changing.

Also, is there any way to use CRLF in button name using the appelscript widget? Something like the weater widget is displaying.


Fixed with is currently not possible, but it may be coming (fixed with with truncation) in one of the next updates.
You can create a new line using \n but it's currently not possible to set different font sizes for different lines (this will also be possible soon).

Ah it is working with \n thanks!

Sorry I'm new with AppleScript, I wasn't escaping the \ before addding it to my JSON return object

Thank Andreas!

With v3.071 you can specify a fixed width if you want to.

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