TouchBar/Widget _ CustomAppleScriptSlider _ Midi & Keystroke

Looking for a way to send MIDI with the Custom Apple Script Slider Widget, single buttons, etc.
Like in this App MIDI Touchbar I found.

But with this app I have to translate MIDI via AppleScript (by MidiPipe) back to Keystroke. The customization options are also very limited.


on runme(message)
	tell application "System Events"
		tell process "Live" -- (Ableton Live)
			set frontmost to true
		end tell
		if (item 1 of message = 176) and (item 2 of message = 23) then tell process "Live"
			keystroke space using shift down
		end tell
		if (item 1 of message = 176) and (item 2 of message = 32) then tell process "Live"
			key code 48
		end tell
	end tell
end runme

Which is somehow unsatisfactory anyway.

Think the whole concept can be implemented only with BTT even better ; )

Does anyone know about DAW control, AppleScript or MIDI? Maybe just an AppleScript to send MIDI over the BTT Slider or stuff like that. Every tip gets on!

This is something I really would love to see as well, Sliders and buttons putting out MIDI messages, like Notes/CC/Pitchbend...