Touchbar Open Apps Slider

Hello! I got this app recently and I absolutely love it! Big props to the developer!!

I'm trying to customize something like a touchbar widget but for open apps. I want to be able to just hold on that item and it should allow me to scroll throw all my open apps (like how scrubbing happens in VLC or any of those video players.

I've been trying to do this, but the closest I've gotten is having to require the dock and its open apps and that process is normally 2 clicks - holding down control then finding the app in the list. Would it be possible to do it in 1 motion (like how the volume slider works in normal touchbar)

I've tried making a shortcut for cmd tab but that only lets me alternate between 2 tabs.

I'd appreciate all suggestions! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I think you can do it even better!

Under the TouchBar section, you can create a new Touch Bar gesture like "Two Finger Swipe left" and right. For the action, pick "Application Switcher". Now when you slide with two fingers on the TouchBar, you'd see the app switcher and apps will be selected as you move your fingers.

However, nothing will happen when you release and you'd need to hit return to actually switch. That can be fixed by creating a "Named Trigger" that presses Return. In the TouchBar gesture you have a setting "Execute Named Trigger after Gesture has ended" where you pick this named trigger and viola you have an app switcher requiring only swipes!

@rishifter that's a brilliant idea! I just tried it and it does seem to get quite close to achieving the final result. But the issue is I think it fires the next trigger very soon. The gesture ends even if my fingers are still moving, is there anyway i can slow it down? Maybe after a pause or when I life my fingers it should trigger the next thing.

In the trigger configuration for the swipe gesture there’s a setting “Retrigger after sliding” which is set to 1%. Setting it to 2 or 3 slows the swiping.

hey. this is a great idea! im gonna use it in my preset....
the only problem is, I have volume changer as a two finger swipe. I wanted to use application switcher as a two finger swipe too, but only while holding command. However, when I hold the command button and do the action, it does volume AND the app switcher thing...any ideas?