TouchBar: Numpad Keyboard

Is there any way to configure the TouchBar to mimic the Numeric Keypad with BetterTouchTool?
It'd be awesome for those of us out there using 3D softwares (Maya, Blender,...) on a laptop.


Is this not something that is easy to create?
You create 10 buttons name 1 to 0
and associate to each of them the action:
insert/type/paste text.
inserting/sending the associate text value.

Maybe I do not understand exactly what you want to do but following the same idea might fit your need.



Hey Oliver!

The trouble is I can't seem to find the proper command that explicitly points at the keyboard numpad of a full blown keyboard... Those softwares, particularly Blender assign different commands at the numbers, those above the letters, from those on the num pad.
Man it's hard to describe :slight_smile:
Does that make sense?

Usually fn+number will produce the numblock equivalent, however I'm not sure whether BTT will "send" that correctly. Could you test that?

However you would definitely need to use the standard shortcut action, not the insert/type/paste text one.