TouchBar icons by implementing SF Symbols

I made my custom TouchBar and with all those different icons it looks a bit crappy. Icons have different styles, line thickness, etc.
Today I saw an App Store app that lets users pick a SF Symbol for scenes (it's called SceneCuts). Would it be possible to implement this in BTT? Alongside of the other icons?

Yes this will be added soon - it has become possible with Big Sur.


The latest BTT alpha (currently uploading) does add support for SF Symbols 2.x (due to the SF Symbols licensing you need to manually enter the icon name you got via the SF Symbols app so it's a bit clunky)

Sliders do not yet support SF Symbols, I'll add that soon.

Amazing work!
I won’t try the alpha though, patiently wait for the stable beta or regular release.
It’s sad though that we cannot extract the af symbols as png.