TouchBar Finger Taps

I only recently came across the two-finger swipe gesture (although I'd seen it appear before, I'd never tried to implement it into my toolbar) and it makes my TouchBar a lot cleaner for brightness and volume.

One thing I would love is to be able to have a two-finger tap on the TouchBar (if this is possible). Some ideas for what this could be used for:

  • Two finger tap to mute
  • Three finger tap to lock screen
  • I'm sure you can think of your own benefits

A two / three finger tap may conflict with tapping multiple buttons at once...

Maybe have the option or warning that multiple fingers will be disabled if this feature is enabled, otherwise I think I'd find this a bit tedious. Then again, I guess the philosophy of BTT is "anything's possible" so the option would be appreciated.

suggestion: two finger taps on specific buttons?

Unfortunately I think this won't be possible on the whole Touch Bar surface because it conflicts with the normal Touch Bar buttons (I'm just using the Apple standard buttons and they trigger regardless of how many fingers they are being touched with).

I'll check whether I can change that.

Another suggestion, although again it mightn't be possible.

But the option to tap once a slider is activated?
I.e: two finger swipe, then using a third finger to tap and have something activate?

Not actually sure if this'd be quicker than just sliding volume all the way to the left, but maybe for some other possibilities it'd be quicker?