Touchbar: Dragging closes Brave web apps

I have a few "shortcuts" (webpages as apps) that I run through the Brave browser, such as Youtube, or Protonmail....

I noticed this first in Protonmail: when I try to select text, or drag a message to another folder (ie click and then move my finger on the touchbar), the app immediately quits, as if I assigned "CMD + Q" action to this gesture (which of course I did not).

The only way this does not happen is if I "disable all gestures" for the given app.
This would be OK, but then none of the global gestures work either, which is frustrating :frowning:

This happens only in Brave apps. Not Brave itself, nor any other apps.
I am working on an M1 Macbook Air, Big Sur 11.2.3, BTT v. 3.561