TouchBar displaying text while typing it ? (and not suggestions)

I'm a graphic designer and for my use the Touchbar remains absolutely useless, as I'm using tons of shortcuts.
But, there is something that could make the TB useful, is the ability to display text all across its display, in any application, so you don't have to raise your eyes on the screen while typing.
Indeed, it happens quite offen I type something rather long and realise I misspelled it and then have to go back to correct it.
Is it possible to do it with BetterTouchTool ?
Thanks for your answer

I don't think it's supported in BTT natively, and any app that can record your keystrokes should be treated carefully, except the one that you trust or build.

Here's my thought on your request:

  1. Create a Unix executable that can recode the keystrokes and return the result;
  2. Add a shell script button in Global and copy the path of your executable in the script;

Maybe it's off the topic, but I suggest you practice touch typing. :grin: