Touchbar button/widget to show MacOS control strip?

So in my general touchbar settings I have turned off "show MacOS control strip" to get rid of the X in the left corner and an extra escape key that was displaying. However, this of course also removes the small arrow on the right side that displays the expanded MacOS control strip, but I find having access to that strip very useful. Is there a widget or button that someone has made to replicate this function, i.e. to show the expanded MacOS control strip without turning the X button back on?

I’ve done this in the early versions of my preset AquaTouch. I basically remade the entire macos strip entirley within BTT, matching the icons and all.

It worked quite well, but I changed it’s design in favour of more functional tools in there.

The other possibility would be to make a shortcut to toggle the Touch bar. I did this for the C2 Preset with a two finger short cut and have access to the native Touch Bar. Another two finger short cut brings up the BTT Touch bar again. Less style than @yuuiko's solution, but less associated work too. Just use an other trigger than the Touch Bar in order to switch between the two of them.