Touch Bar Weather Widget

Despite using the proper allowed variables the weather shown on the Touch Bar widget as well as the icon displayed are not current. It's currently 9:30 PM and the sunny icon is displayed and the temperature shown is the same as shown 6 hours earlier while the current temperature is 10 degrees lower.
Any suggestions?

Could you check again? There appears to have been an issue yesterday.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Today the current temperature is 76 F according to Bettertouchtool. All my other weather apps show current temperature to be 72 F. Is there a way to have Bettertouchtool show the actual current temperature? I have experimented with the various allowed variables but the actual true current temperature does not work properly .

Thank you again

BTT updates it's values once ~every half hour via (,11.5445/us12/en )

Maybe your other weather app is updating more often?

Again, thank you very much for your reply.
I am amazed at your wonderful support especially on a holiday weekend. I will definitely be purchasing your product and spread my positive feeling toward your organization to family and friends.