Touch Bar Volume Slider Widget changes speaker balance


I just observed a very strange behaviour (Macbook Pro 13 Zoll, 2019, Big Sur Version 11.0.1): when I am using my bluetooth earphones (Jabra REVO a4.0.0), the Touch Bar Volume Slider Widget does not only change the output volume but also shifts the balance to "left" (can only hear on one side).

This however only happens when I have the bluetooth earphones connected, if I select the MacBook Pro Speaker this does not happen, only the output volume ist changed and the balance remains unchanged.

Thanks for your help

Same here. @Andreas_Hegenberg this is the second issue about this I've seen with no replies, what gives? Does anyone still use this forum?

Unfortunately I think this is a macOS bug with specific bluetooth devices (macos - MacBook Pro Bluetooth Audio balance keeps changing by itself - Ask Different ), however I have never been able to reproduce it here (currently using a Sony WH1000XM4)

BTT doesn't really do much but tell the system to change the volume, it has no code to change the balance. As far as I know a system restart usually fixes this, but it can happen randomly again.

Hah, I actually have the WH-XB900N!

Well, all I can say is that

  • I was recently on a 2.X version of BetterTouchTool and this bug was not present (I'm pretty sure anyway; I can double check if you'd like), and
  • it definitely does not happen when you adjust the volume using anything else (built-in touch bar slider, touch bar buttons, menu bar…)

I don't know how this can be labeled a macOS bug unless it has a known workaround

There are many macOS bugs without known workarounds :slight_smile:

However the more information the more likely I can find a workaround for the issue. Can you observe this balance change in System Preferences => Sound => Output while you change the volume using the BTT slider?

I sure can, here's a video:

Very strange!

Maybe I can grab the balance before changing the volume and then set it back to that value after changing the volume. I'll add that to the next alpha and let you know when it's online.

In general the API I'm using says it is setting the volume for all channels (left and right) to the same value. Maybe that doesn't work for some speakers, but I have no idea why it wouldn't...