Touch Bar + Trackpad for Adobe Lightroom Classic


Built for culling and editing photos in Adobe Lightroom (compatible with Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC)

I designed this to allow for a basic culling and raw development workflow with most of the panels minimized, so you can have your image nearly full-screen.

Aside from some context-sensitive buttons, I've added incremental adjustments using the Touch Bar and Trackpad. Here's what's enabled:

  • Library Module:

    • Two-finger swipe on Touch Bar to select photos
    • Supports using the Shift modifier to create a contiguous selection
  • Develop Module:

    • Two-finger swipe on Touch Bar to increment/decrement selected Basic Panel slider
    • Command + Scroll on Trackpad to increment/decrement selected Basic Panel slider
    • Trackpad: Scroll to initialize adjustment, then hold fingers on trackpad to continue adjustment
    • Both trackpad and Touch Bar: supports for using Shift and Option modifiers for coarse and fine adjustments, respectively


Lightroom.bttpreset (80.6 KB)

Library Module:

Develop Module (Main)

Develop Module (Global Adjustments Mode)

Develop Module (Local Adjustments Mode)

Develop Module (Targeted Adjustments Mode)


This looks awesome. Is there instructions somewhere on how to import and install this on my MacBook Pro?


I figured out how to install. Thanks for making this Lightroom Touch Bar. Very helpful.

I installed the file properly in the BTT app, however even if I can see the config in the app, when I launch my Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, I still have my global Touch Bar displayed (I did able to hide global actions if a specific actions are configured in BTT).
Do you know what can I do?

PS: I think the problem comes from the fact that BTT doesn't recognise Lightroom Develop and Lightroom library as an app, but I don't know how to change that kind of settings...

Thanks for your help!

Hi and thank you for the preset :slight_smile:

I've got no clue here, but is it possible to get sliders in the touchbar for each individual slider there are in LR? So the Touch bar would have a button for temp, one for tint, exposure, contrast etc. And then when the button is thouched, a slider should appear. Kind of the same as the volume adjust slider...



Very likely that someone more technically skilled than I am could make this happen. You'd have to hook into Lightroom through some kind of scripting to have per-slider control. My touchbar preset just uses hotkeys, which made it much simpler to build.

i just want to know if there's a way of EXPOSURE, TINT and TEMP is in slider tool?

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If you tap the “Next Slider” and “Previous Slider” Touch Bar buttons, you’ll see an overlay come up in Lightroom saying “Use the +- keys to adjust Temperature” (or Tint, Exposure, etc.).

After you see that overlay, you can slide two fingers left and right along the Touch Bar to adjust the selected LR slider.

Press “Next Slider” and “Previous Slider” again to toggle through each of the Basic Panel sliders.

SO i will ung + - keys to adjust? not in touch bar like SLIDER when youtube plays?

Can you help me on how to install the file into the app, appreciate it.

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