Touch Bar Task Widget script: cannot save in New Config UI

I have a "Shell Script/Task Widget" that runs a command-line tool periodically and displays the result in the widget.

In the OLD configuration UI, I successfully configured this widget by entering a name in the Name field and entering the path to the command-line tool in the Launch Path field. All other fields are empty.

In the NEW configuration UI, the Launch Path field is empty, so it appears I have not specified any task in the widget. Worse, when I paste the path to the command-line tool into the Launch Path field and click the Save button, the Launch Path field is erased.

BTT 3.168, MacOS 10.14.6, 2017 Touch Bar MacBook Pro.

Ah true, the saved path doesn't show up if no parameter is set. However it is still being saved and should work even if it shows as empty. I'll fix the display with the next version later today!

3.169 fixed it in the NEW configuration UI. Edits to the widget's launch path are saved and function correctly.

However, now the OLD configuration UI erroneously shows the default launch path of /bin/bash

Yep, that’s expected. The old UI only supports the features and data formats that have been available back then and is not updated anymore. (The shell script recently got the ability to set environment variables which caused a change to the save format)

Thanks for the explanation, and thanks for your fantastic support!